Konstantin G
Best of the best Leah is amazing. I've been seeing Leah for nearly 10 years now, first when I had my shoulder problems, and she's is the most skilled, aware, communicative massage therapist in the world. She gave me and my wife a private lesson, which was invaluable. The list goes on. You will do yourself a favor to book some time with Lean.
Abby K
Amazing Body Work I have been seeing Leah regularly for over 3 years for body work, during my pregnancy and post-partum. Leah possesses an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy. She is skilled at finding and releasing tension in muscles, as well as advising on steps one can take to continue healing. She does a great job of asking questions and identifying areas that could be causing issues. I look forward to continuing to see Leah for many more years.
Leah is an angel I had completed the natural childbirth of my first child before I met Leah. I thought I was tough and so I tried to wing it. It was a huge mistake, as I was unprepared in how to shut out fear and promote relaxation. It was brutal. I swore that was the dumbest thing I ever did and that I would never do that again. Four years later, I decided to try again, but this time with some preparation. Leah provided my husband and me with a treasure trove of physical, mental and other strategies to help in the natural childbirth of my second child. She gave us practical and manageable advice and that made all the difference in the successful natural childbirth of my second child - a 10 pounder - which was smooth, swift, fearless, and filled with laughter and joy (yes, seriously) thanks to the tools Leah provided us. I highly recommend Leah's childbirth services. I also benefitted greatly from her pre-natal massages, which dramatically minimized my sciatic nerve issues and joint pain. I can't thank Leah enough for these gifts.